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What makes Oxford Falls Special?

The Oxford Falls Bloody Mary Mix stands out as a superior choice with our carefully crafted blend of premium ingredients and three distinct, standout flavors. The rich and well-balanced flavor profile, combined with a perfect blend of spices, offers a uniquely satisfying taste experience. We use high-quality tomatoes and stick to a meticulous production process to deliver a smooth consistency that elevates cocktails to a new level. Unlike other brands, The Oxford Falls Bloody Mary Mix strikes the ideal harmony between boldness and subtlety, making it the ultimate choice for a truly exceptional Bloody Mary.

Oxford Falls


Here's what our customers have to say

“This is truly FABULOUS! I seldom order a Bloody Mary, as they are generally way too spicy for my Norwegian taste buds. BUT, the "just perfect" amount of spice in Wake Up Crabby, plus the wonderful shrimp and crab flavor suits me "to a tee". I have ordered, and quickly received, two shipments thus far. I will look forward to many more!”
— Amazon Purchase Review, 2016
“Best Bloody Mary mix ever! I first found this in a liquor store in Sanibel on vacation. I was thrilled to find it available online!”
— Amazon Purchase Review, 2019
“My family and I go to brunch and get make your own Bloody Marys, my whole family fights over this stuff. My parents every Sunday have Bloody Marys at home, so I got my father "Wake Up Crabby" for Fathers Day. It came in within days. We were all very excited to have some.”
— Amazon Purchase Review, 2017

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