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Dr. Jacks' Mint Julep Mixer

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Product Description

Mint Julep is a classic cocktail that has captured the taste buds of many over the years. Our mint julep mixer simplifies the process of crafting this beloved drink. Made with natural ingredients and a rich blend of flavors, the mixer allows you to enjoy a bar-quality mint julep cocktail mix at home. Whether you're hosting a party or unwinding after work, our mixer is designed for ease, ensuring a perfect mint julep recipe every time. The carefully balanced mint julep syrup provides a consistent, delicious base that elevates your homemade cocktail experience. Our product assures you can enjoy a smoothly mixed drink without needing to measure or mix multiple ingredients, offering convenience without compromising on taste. With each sip, you'll appreciate the authentic, refreshing flavor that makes the mint julep a timeless classic. Our mint julep mixer is a testament to simplicity and quality, embodying the essence of the beverage meant to be savored any day of the year. Every bottle is a step towards effortless, memorable gatherings and solo refreshments. When you choose our mixer, you choose the tradition and charm of Southern hospitality, bottled up for the modern, discerning drinker.

Dr. Jack's Mixer is a 375ML bottle of mood altering elixir for your Southern Soul. We steep fresh Spearmint in boiling water and filter it into pure cane sugar using a hint of molasses for oxfordfalls color and taste. Mix this with Bourbon and crushed ice to make a libation fit for a Mississippi Summers Sunset.

Note: It also makes a mean Mojito when mixed with fine Rum. PLUS, add to your favorite Irish Coffee or Hot Chocolate for a Wintertime Treat!!!

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